Our Story

Sharon Acute Rehab and Alternative Caregiver Corporation (SARAACC), was developed to retool, educate and support the caregiver and their patient, in addition to raising the standards of in-home care.

Our approach is to provide support and information on care of the patient and self-care for the caregivers who provide in-home care. We build or renovate centers for short term visits for both patients and/or caregivers to rest and recuperate away from home. The centers will be designed to mirror real life conditions and will come complete, with living quarters, a theater and a lecture center to be utilized for guest speakers, training and workshops.

Our centers will include an exercise area, physical therapy rooms and six to eight hundred square feet of living space including resort type accommodations for caregivers and patients with various conditions to relax, restore and rejuvenate for a three to five-day period.

Our educational and informational gatherings will include seminars, workshops, and webinars led by healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, therapists and industry leaders. We will also offer certification programs for caregivers and university transferable courses. Program curriculum will address alternative as well as conventional solutions in caring for patients.

SAARACC was inspired and born as a result of its founder James Savoy’s experience in caring for his wife Sharon Savoy. On April 14, 2006, Sharon became a victim of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) which suddenly and without warning or any allowance for preparation, catapulted James into the role of a ‘caregiver’. He, like many was not unfamiliar with the term and the reality of “caregiving”, however the responsibilities and demands behind that title were much more than he was ever prepared to handle.

All of us at one point in our lives will either need, employ, know or became a caregiver. What is very important to understand is that the patient’s needs, demands and requirements are much greater than can be imaginable.

It is a certain kind of person who accepts the role of caregiver. Many end up walking away from those who have been reduced to a position of needing care when the physical, mental and financial burdens of caregiving become much too great.

Research has determined that because of the physical, emotional and mental strain many caregivers’ lives expire before their patients’. The care of the patient is left for others to pick up.

The variation and severity of the patient’s condition determines the level of care needed. This makes it complicated to predetermine the cost of care, resulting in an enormous amount of hands-on medical care and financial responsibility being placed on the caregiver.

A long­-term care facility is an option but it still requires caregivers and the patient is relocated from home. In most facilities, caregivers are assigned to as many as 15 patients, thus reducing one-on-one care. To cover costs, family assets are generally attached.

SARAACC‘s main objective is to support and assist in reducing the mental, emotional and physical devastation associated with the reality of caregiving.